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Nagarahole National Park is beautiful at any given time and is an all-weather holiday destination, however the summers and winters are extra special. 

Special Seasons At Jungle Inn

Summertime (late February through May) at Nagarahole National Park offers an exceptional wildlife experience. With the forest and water bodies drying up, there are wonderful animal sightings. The warm days, cool nights, starry skies and memories of animal sightings make for special summer holidays with your family and friends.

Winters (October to February) comes with a nip in the air that is extra crisp and fresh and you will certainly want to bundle up for the early morning and late evening safaris. Sighting animals through the mist and the leafy treasures adds mystery and allure during the winters. With the evergreen deciduous forests of Nagarahole at their lush best, the golden winter morning light is perfect for Tiger and nature photography.

Experiences and Activities at Jungle Inn

Guests at our guest can expect to spend their time outdoors, embracing nature and soaking up the tranquility. An abundance of natural flora and fauna are a great part of the experience here at Jungle Inn.

1. Wildlife Spotting Tour

The joy of observing wildlife inside protected areas on a safari is unparalleled. We offer a wildlife tour through the main roads of the park which provides ample opportunity for viewing wildlife.The safari is conducted in jeeps and is at a leisurely pace. This enables our guests to observe the animals and their behaviours at close range and also take pictures at their convenience. Please do keep in mind that wildlife sighting depends on the time of the day, weather and of course, luck!

Best Practices While On A Safari

  • Do be punctual so we can make the best use of the safari time
  • Do carry your cameras and take lots of pictures, just not with the flash
  • Do carry light woolens
  • Do keep your mobile phones on silent mode in order to enjoy the forest sounds
  • Do carry rain gear and waterproof bags for cameras during monsoons
  • Do wear/carry insect repellents
  • Do try to wear clothing in natural colors like pale green, khaki, grey or brown. Camouflage outfits work great but are not essential
  • Do NOT talk loudly or make noise on spotting animals
  • Do NOT wear strong colognes or perfumes
  • Do NOT get out of the vehicle during the safari or climb up on the seat

NOTE: You can, of course, take a tour on your own. We strongly recommend adhering to the forest department’s rules once inside the forest as any deviation from the set rules could result in confiscation of the vehicle and arrest. Jungle Inn will not take any responsibility in such incidents.

2. Cultural Tour

Make your trip more memorable by taking in a visit to a Tibetan monastery. The long history and beautiful temples make for unique and beautiful experiences. The Jenu Kuruba tribe still lives in the forest and a visit to a coffee plantation offers a chance to observe and engage more closely with the local culture and flavor of the place.

3. Safari to Tholpetty, Wayanad

For guests who wish to spend more time in the forest, a longer safari can be organized. A safari to Tolpetty in Wayanad Reserve Forest (Kerala) takes approximately 4 hours and includes a 1 ½ hour drive through the mud tracks of the forest.

4. Rafting and Rappelling

We organize white water rafting excursions in Coorg between July and September. Coracle ride and speed boat rides are conducted in Hairige Lake, which is relatively close to the resort. Rappelling and rock climbing can be organized with advance notice.

5. Visit to Iruppu falls

Jungle Inn can organize a trip to Irupu falls, one of the most popular sightseeing places in Coorg. The trip with its invigorating short trek to the falls and the mesmerizing sight of its fresh water cascade is perennially popular with holidaymakers.

6. Trek at Brahmagiri

Trekking is arranged to Iruppu Waterfalls and Brahmagiri Ranges upon request. A Forest Department Guide accompanies the trekkers for the Brahmagiri trek and advance notice is necessary.

7. Boating

Boating in Kabini backwaters is possible provided we have advance intimation/reservation to obtain a permit from the Forest Department.

Please note:

*We want to ensure we can make the necessary arrangements for you, so please contact us in advance for all outside-the-resort activities. 

**Safaris, trekking inside the park are subject to permissions from the Karnataka Forest Department and the availability of the vehicles/naturalist/guides. We do not guarantee safaris and other activities, which are primarily governed and controlled by the Karnataka Forest Department and subject to changes from time to time. We shall not be held responsible for last-minute cancellation if the Forest Department cancels the same.